Bathroom Fitters Glasgow

Here at our company we can provide bathroom fitters to people in Glasgow and the surrounding areas as well as everything that you would need to complete your whole bathroom. We feel that offering everything under the one roof is what sets us apart from some of our competition and that is what some customers look for as it saves them from having to get people from different places to do the different aspects involved when they are getting a new bathroom.

The bathroom fitters who work with us in Glasgow are hard working and reliable and set themselves high standards that they want to maintain with every job that they undertake. They can do all tasks involved in a bathroom installation including plumbing, plastering, painting, joinery work, tiling etc so there is nothing that you would need to go elsewhere to have done.

A typical fit by our bathroom fitters in Glasgow would involve whatever you needed done from them including:

  • removing wall and floor tiles
  • preparing the walls and floors
  • lowering ceilings
  • fitting spotlights and/or pvc panels
  • plying the floor
  • fitting wall and/or floor tiles
  • fitting toilet, handbasin, bath, shower etc
  • adjusting pipework
  • removing old furniture and fittings


The list above mentions some of what you may be looking for, however, if there is something that you can’t see on our website then do give us a call and ask us and we can let you know.

Our bathroom fitters in Glasgow have had many positive testimonials from previous customers who have went on to recommend them also to others based on the work that they have completed. They take their reputation seriously and are always looking to build on this. They are also as accommodating as possible so will do their best to arrange a suitable time for your installation and at the end of every day during your installation you will be left with toilet facilities.

So, if you are looking for bathroom fitters in Glasgow who are capable of doing the job that you require then why not contact us today.


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